Tell your story

Being on contract or temporary employment for a long time has an effect on many areas of people's lives.

We are compiling stories from those who have been in temporary or precarious employment in the public service so that we can share their story as part of our campaign to achieve better rights to permanency for temporary workers in the public sector. Find out more about the campaign here.

This lack of employment security affects those who are on long-term higher duties, labour hire contracts and casuals.

As union members, we act collectively to achieve change. Together, we can get politicians to change the law to improve the right to permanency. Telling your story is part of making our case to make sure that public sector workers can win the rights to job security that we all deserve.

Tips: Tell your personal story - include how not being permanent has affected your life. You might like to mention effects on your finances, your health, your ability to secure loans, your workloads, or anything else that is relevant to your situation. Your story is powerful - don't be afraid to give details of your life so that politicians can tell what effect the lack of permanency has for you and for many others like you. If you are on contract, make sure you tell your history - how long have you been on contract? How many difference contracts have you had? This information is important in getting the data we need to include in our submission to the politicians.