Make a submission on job security

More and more public servants are finding themselves on temporary contracts with very little job security. Workers are often on rolling temporary contracts for years.

The biggest barrier that temporary workers face in securing conversion to permanent status is the fact that it's the department that has the final say.

In the private sector, it's ultimately the independent umpire (the Fair Work Commission) that decides whether a person is truly permanent.

Currently, the Public Service Act in Queensland does not allow this for Queensland public servants. We need this to change.

Queensland's Parliament is reviewing the Industrial Relations Act. We have until 30 September to convince the parliamentary committee to address this issue.

Make a submission here to ask politicians to give the independent umpire the final say on whether long-term temporary workers can be made permanent.

This is a great opportunity to ensure we can amend the legislation now. If the law passes now without this change it will be much harder to fix the problems associated with job security in the public sector.

Let's take the opportunity now to get politicians to make change! Make a submission now.

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