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Health Rally, 2011

Being members of a union enables workers to make positive changes in their workplace, through acting collectively as a group. Working collectively to improve conditions creates better services for our communities.

Often when there is something that workers want to improve, it is difficult to make a difference when acting alone. When a group of workers come together, begin talking about the issues and get involved it becomes harder for their issues to be ignored.

By campaigning on things that are important to workers, like wage increases, hours of work, allowances, career structures, leave, and quality of work, we help make our communities stronger.

Collective bargaining is what happens when people in a workplace get together to work out what they think could be improved at work.

First workers decide what improvements should take place, then they work out a way to make that happen. That means getting together and coming up with a plan that will get people involved and give those workerrs a stronger voice at work.

HP rally

Being in a union means that everyone can act with one voice, which is much harder for people to ignore. By getting involved and driving campaigns, working people can be part of making change that delivers better working lives and better services.

Campaigns that Together members are involved in right now include:

Working For Queenslanders - Be part of the fight back against Campbell Newman's radical agenda.

Building Blocks — Building a Better Queensland

Blue Care

Health EB8 Stronger Together

Transport and Main Roads EDA8

Visit the current campaigns page for more campaigns Together is involved in.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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