Together Council - Health Delegates Motion

Posted March 2, 2015 by Together Queensland

Motion - Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

That the Health delegates of Together Council seek urgent intervention from the Health Minister to support the patients, the community and the staff of the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital to ensure we have the resources needed to operate Queensland's only tertiary children's hospital.

We also call on the Minister to launch a public inquiry in to the opening, commissioning and operation of the new hospital to ensure critical issues are addressed and the same mistakes are not made again to future generations of Queensland children and patients.

 Protection should be ensured for heath staff giving evidence to the enquiry.



Motion - Permanent Employment and Delegate Rights

That Together seeks the restoration of the Westminster system of permanency of employment for all public sector workers as the number one priority of the new Government.

This will allow the servants of the public to serve and provide frank and fearless advice to the government of the day.

Together Council also seeks as a priority, the restoration of the rights of union delegates in the public sector.



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Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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