Frequently asked questions

1) I received an email from my employer saying that white collar employees if they approve the agreement will receive pay increases backdated to 1 July 2016, but the blue collar employees will not. Who is covered by this proposed agreement?

All employees who are currently employed under the Queensland Public service Award  State-2012 and Employees of Queensland Government Departments (Other than Public Servants) Award-State 2012, will be covered by this agreement and will receive the wage increases backdated to 1 July 2016 provided employees endorse the agreement in a ballot.

Simply put if your classification is AO, OO, TO or PO then this agreement applies to you.

2) Some employees in other Government Departments received a payment of $1300, do I get that?

No, the $1300 payment was made to employees covered by the “Core Agreement” in recognition of a long period where they did not receive a pay increase.

As an employee covered by the TMR Determination, you have received a pay increase each year. 

3) Are we going to receive Workforce Achievement Payments under this proposal?

Under previous agreements employees received Workforce Achievement Payments. The employer has not made that part of this offer, so there will be no Workforce Achievement Payments under this agreement.

4) We have been advised that the unions have given in-principle support for the agreement, why have they done that?

Our steering committee of workplace delegates endorsed that in-principle agreement be provided subject to membership endorsement. This means that the wage increases will be backdated to 1 July 2016 if employees support the agreement.

Union members will have the opportunity in a ballot/survey to give support or oppose the agreement. If union members support the agreement it will then go to a vote of all employees.

5) Have any other conditions been removed?

No existing conditions or allowances have been removed, some conditions have been improved and all allowances that normally increase with the wage increases will increase each year by 2.5%, the same as the annual wage increase.

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