HSQ pathology

We all want a safer workplace and one that is functioning well. 

Working in Health Services Queensland we provide the best quality diagnostic and scientific services to Queenslanders, but to keep doing this we need to fix some of the issues impacting on us at work.

Your Together Health Services Queensland (HSQ) Delegates have received a number of reports of unacceptable management practices and policies which are detrimentally affecting members  in Health Services Queensland.

HSQ Delegates believe that these issues are widespread across Queensland, are not acceptable and need to be fixed.

You continue to provide high quality competitive services for all Queenslanders and deserve to be shown the same respect in your daily working lives.

This is the starting point please take five minutes to fill out this survey, which will paint the picture of what is taking place in your area and other workplaces across the state. With this data we can add to the call to fix these problems about resourcing and improve our workplace culture.

The survey needs to be completed by 21 April.

If you have any questions please contact Together Health Organiser Heather Hayes heather.hayes@together.org.au

To complete the survey in pdf, click here.

If you are not already a member of our union, you can join here.

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