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Essential school jobs are not temporary. You will be and are needed in your schools and by our community. The Department needs to address permanency in schools and we are still waiting for advice about how the rules will be applied to school based staff.

Please sign the petition to the Minister for Education, Kate Jones MP, asking her to intervene and have the government policy of employment security applied to school based staff.

To the Honourable Minister for Education Kate Jones

We the undersigned Together members ask for your assistance and intervention in ensuring the ongoing security of employment of essential school staff. Administrative officers (AAEP and other) staff, schools officers, science operations officers, IT officers, business managers and therapists (among others!) are doing vital work and we know that your government believes in and has a clear policy about public servants having real job security. The Department are not adhering to the intent of the government's employment security policy as they implement the new Temporary Employment Directive in relation to our state schools. We need your help to ensure that job security is made a reality for school support staff.