Science Operations Officers

Arbitration - Work bans are off

On 12 March, Commissioner Black referred the ongoing process of negotiating your wages and conditions to arbitration.

The immediate effect of this referral is that any members currently taking protected industrial action must now stop. We cannot take protected action while we are in arbitration.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the union office. You can read more here.

Science Operations Officers are essential school staff who support teaching and learning.

Union members put forward a great case and we are not giving up!

Read our union's submission here.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are essential parts of the State School curriculum and Science Operations Officer need their workload concerns addressed.

SOO Classifications

We have been sent this document for consultation by the Department. This is about the current progression process to OO4.

We have previously provided a guide to writing a business case for union members, however members were receiving spurious reasons for knock backs from “schools can only have one OO4 position” – (wrong!) to “schools are not entitled to a OO4 position under the model” – (also wrong!). This new guide asks for written reasons to be provided and we can use those and new provisions in legislation to challenge those decisions.

We are continuing to ask for better resourcing and looking at alternative classification levels.

If you have any questions regarding these materials please email or call the union office on 1800 177 244.