Schools Officers

Together schools officers had a huge win after years of standing up for a fair go.

Union members made this happen.

This year nearly 500 schools officers will be going up to OO3 and every schools officer has the opportunity to progress to OO3 by completing your Certificate III course.

The enrolment guide for the Certificate III is HERE.

The Qualification Overview and forms to enrol in the course are HERE.

If you complete your Certificate III this year you will be back-paid to OO3(1) to the 23rd of January this year upon completion of your qualification.

We have also negotiated new position descriptions.

They are here:

Schools Officer Facilities
Schools Officer Grounds
Schools Officer Facilities and Grounds

And these are accompanied by Work Level Standards.

Starting next year small schools will be entitled to additional funds to employ a schools officer.

For more information from the Department about how it all works you can see the frequently asked questions here.

For any questions about the qualification, your upgrade or feedback on the new position descriptions call us on 1800 177 244 and ask to speak to a schools organiser or email