Schools Support Staff Recognition Week 2020

Thank you to all School Support Staff! 

From September 7 to 11, we celebrated the unsung heroes of state schooling!

Business Managers, Administration Officers, Schools Officers, IT Officers, Science Technicians, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Agricultural Assistants, Unit Support Officers, Community Liaison Officers, Community Education Counsellors, Youth Support Coordinators, VET Coordinators and all our school support staff who make education happen! School communities need expert, dedicated and skilled school support staff.

Thank you for all you do to ensure we have safe, engaging and appropriate learning environments.

Thank you for all you do to provide support and engagement for EVERY student.

Thank you for everything you do to make education happen in our schools!

In 2020, we know that you have all been going above and beyond to support the whole community during the COVID-19 pandemic!

QSuper SSSRW Competition!

This year, we were delighted to see QSuper providing wonderful recognition for School Support Staff with the opportunity to win a prize for an outstanding staff member and also their school! 

QSuper invited school communities to nominate a school support worker for a chance to win one of seven prize packs valued at $1,000 for your school and a $200 voucher for the nominee. To enter, in 25 words or less, they asked people to share a moment when a school support worker made education happen.

The competition has now closed and the winners will bee announced soon - stay tuned!