November 12 Strike Action

This week we have been continuing in the Commission, in the media and yesterday we received a letter back from the Minister offering to meet. This is progress! You can see the Minister's response HERE

We will certainly be seeking this meeting as a matter of priority.

Some of the contents of the Minister’s letter are confusing to negotiators, we have certainly met at least 20 times however the Department have not been able to provide an offer, the critical issues are still “TBC”.

This is a positive step forward. Your action is working. You are being seen and heard.

We have also had marvellous support from the Queensland Teachers Union in solidarity, particularly for our action on work bans and on Monday.

We are recommending that we proceed with Monday’s strike action given there isn’t a revised offer in the Minister’s letter, but that we then seek the meeting offered as a matter of urgency.

For Monday's strike you can see some meet up locations HERE. For many members however you will just go home from work. You can see the official action notice HERE.

Take some photos to show us that you are taking action – it can be a simple selfie or if you’re feeling really inspired, you can get creative with your colleagues and make a sign! Just don’t forget to tag #schoolsupportstaff so we can find them! 

The more photos we have, the more proof we have of your action. With over 1300 sites across the state there will be a lot of variations.

Please get in touch with your organiser or the office on 1800 177 244 with any questions or concerns.

Important information about the strike.

When you are on strike you should let your line manager and any other relevant managers/clients know. You can use an email template like this. You could also put an ‘out of office’ reply on your email like this.

When on strike you can and should leave the workplace. If you are on strike first thing we recommend you advise your line manager by Friday at the latest so that they know not to expect you. If you go on strike later in the day you may advise them on the day, however early notice might be more effective. Take a photo of yourself on strike. If there is a group going together take a group shot! Send it to so we can share an album on the day.

We are also recommending that school based members send the attached letter to your local P&C. We have contacted P&C’s Queensland as well.

There will be a rally for Brisbane members who are able to attend on Monday 12th November at 10am at Minister Grace Grace’s electorate office at: Unit 2 Hill House, 541 Boundary Street (Corner Bradley Street), Spring Hill. We expect to be there from 10am-11am at least.

Regional rally locations

Townsville - 8am Outside Townsville SHS, 36 Boundary St, Railway Estate -  for any questions or contact on the day email Norm Jacobsen -

Bundaberg - 12:30pm outside Education regional office, Cnr Woondooma and Maryborough St (pizza lunch in park afterwards) - for any questions or contact on the day email Kayleen Dwyer -

Maryborough - 12:30pm outside Education regional office, 102 Lennox St Maryborough (meeting at RSL afterwards) - for any questions or contact on the day email Allison Finely-Bissett

Mackay - 12 pm - 3pm front of Mackay Central SS gate - for any questions or contact on the day email Dolph Lossberg -

Maroochydore - 1pm outside  Education Office – for any questions or contact on the day email Remi Armstrong –

Rockhampton – 12pm at PCYC Carpark – any questions for Rockhampton or site visits requested contact Ashleigh Saunders –

Toowoomba - 9am Front entrance of Darling Heights State School, Wuth Street Darling Heights - for any questions or contact on the day email Lloyd Abbott