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Together Schools Update

Posted by Kate Flanders on November 20, 2020

I hope you’re gearing up for the end of the year. We all know this is an especially busy time for Together members in Education across the entire state!

This Tuesday your delegates – Sharon Abbott, Tony Floyd, Sandra Lewis, Megan Seymour, Deb Green and Paul Goulevitch – represented members on the following issues at the Education Agency Consultative Committee along with Kate, Thom and Shannon from the union office.

Education - Hours of work and flexible work arrangements

Posted by Kate Flanders on November 17, 2020

I hope you are going well – not too many impacts from the Machinery of Government change so far!

We hope you are having a good week. Remember this coming weekend is a long one!

In exciting news late last week the Public Service Commission have issued new Directives in line with changes to the Public Service Act that went through Parliament in September.

Education Update – Wages, Leave and More

Posted by Kate Flanders on September 18, 2020

2 Pupil Free Days - Leave at the end of Term 4

Yesterday afternoon, we received this letter from the Director General regarding the two additional pupil free days at the end of Term 4. This outlines who is eligible for the two days of special leave. All school-based staff (including public servants) are entitled to two days of special leave. Unfortunately, non-school based staff have not been granted this additional leave.

ThankQ and well done to every Community Education Counsellor!

Posted by Kate Flanders on September 7, 2020

Community Education Counsellors and Regional Community Education Counsellors do an enormous amount to ensure all students succeed, feel safe and that there is cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and staff, across our great state.

Next week is School Support Staff Recognition Week!

Posted by Kate Flanders on September 4, 2020

Next week, from 7 – 11 of September, we will be celebrating School Support Staff recognition week (SSSRW)!

Schools and their communities have faced many challenges during COVID-19 this year. But, thanks to you and the essential work that you do, students have been able to continue to have access to great education.  

Friday - Wages News for members in Education

Posted by Alex Scott on August 28, 2020

We hope you are looking forward to a well deserved weekend. It’s been a really busy week as ever across the Department of Education.