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Department of Education: Report back from negotiations

Posted by Kate, Ken and Remi - Together on July 12, 2018

Scope Order Granted!

Exciting news from the Industrial Relations Commission this week. Deputy President Bloomfield has issued a scope order declaring that we can negotiate a separate agreement for the Department of Education. At the same time government have formally advised that they have a ‘framework’ and authority to commence bargaining – so it’s on!

Yesterday we met with the Department and representatives from the Office of Industrial Relations with a particular focus on the issues and claims raised by members in OIR.

Yesterday morning Together delegates Perry Mitchell, Colin Callaghan and Sharon Abbott, along with Ken McKay from the union office and I met with the Department to continue negotiations about your wages and conditions for the next 3 years.

Schools: Negotiations

Posted by Kate Flanders on June 11, 2018

Tomorrow all our eyes and ears will be tuned to the state budget – we'll see if a change in government wages policy is announced or any other packets of funding identified for your important work in schools. We'll update you all on Wednesday once we have had an opportunity to scrutinise the papers. Stay tuned!

Department of Education: Your draft log of claims

Posted by Alex Scott on May 29, 2018

We are now less than two weeks away from the state budget which is a critical moment in your Wages Matter campaign.

A decent wage rise is essential, and so is making a difference to your conditions like job security, hours of work and classification levels.