Email your minister

The Department have put ‘offers’ to you as hard working Together members that go nowhere near addressing the essential working conditions you need changed, that doesn’t address the principle of equal pay for equal work or recognition of your roles, and to add insult to injury they are offering you between a 0% (if you are in the lower classification levels) up to 1.3% (for the highest classification level) as an EB pay rise. This is not on!

If you can’t wait for the next rally to let the decision makers know how you feel, don’t delay, send an email to your Minister today!

Use the form below - it has some helpful dot points, to which you can add details of your own thoughts and experience. Explaining the impact of the approach to date from the government might help get your point across. You tell them your story. They clearly need to hear it louder and more often!

Stay tuned for your next union action. Together we are stronger.