Email Minister Grace and the Premier about your wages

Send an email to Queensland Education Minister, Grace Grace, about the government's announcement of an in-principle agreement for teachers while Education staff have been waiting for any EB wage increase from their employer.

We have provided some suggested text but please read the text and personalise it with your own details. The more personal your message is, detailing the important work you do for Queenslanders, the better! Just copy and paste the text into an email to and the

We will be providing more information and updates to union members in Education soon – stay tuned!

Subject: Please deliver for Education department staff.

Thank you for sending an email to ask for an interim pay increase and fair treatment for you as a valued staff member!

Remind your friends and colleagues that they can send their own emails to express their view.

If you know someone who is not yet a union member, ask them to join to support you.