Business Managers

Protected Action Ballot

As of Monday 11th of February Together members are commencing additional work bans that are protected industrial action. The bans are:

  • A ban on answering telephones between 1:30pm-3:30pm
  • A ban on collecting student resource grants or other voluntary contributions of funds from students and families
  • A ban on undertaking any work outside of the scheduled hours (including scheduled ADO) and a ban on undertaking any work outside of your position descriptions (this is called a “Work to Rule”)
  • A ban on submitting all paperwork to do with the school budget, including submitting through the School Budget Solution

Here is an example of an email you can send to your Principal and colleagues and here is an example of something you can say to parents.

Union members have worked very hard to secure more funding for school support staff. This has now meant there will be a reclassification of Business Managers roles within Queensland state schools.

The following position descriptions that include members feedback have been approved by the Department:

We want to hear your thoughts on these new position descriptions. Please email feedback to

Please also see this FAQ document about the RoSAS HR implementation and what it means for the classifications of BMs.