In 2019 we are arbitrating the agreement between public servants and the Department of Education. This is because the Department provided only one offer to settle the agreement in December 2018 that was not acceptable to the majority of union members. Then in 2019, despite a big effort by union members, the Department did not produce any new offers at all. Together members in the Department of Education deserve pay equity, recognition, secure jobs, access to PD and safe and fair hours of work to name just a few things.

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Arbitration is where the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (the independent umpire) will hear our case for improved wages and conditions and hear the Departments arguments as well and then make a final decision. It is a process like a trial, members will be witnesses. Below are some key pieces of information about the arbitration. Get in touch at any time on if you want to find out more. 

Key Information

Here is a table showing you what the Department is proposing as your wages for the next 3 years next to the union position. As you can see for many Together members the Department was proposing no pay increase at all for the year 2018-2019.

Here is our position for the arbitration- this is what we would like an agreement to look like (note: it will be called a “determination” not an agreement because it will be determined by the independent umpire - the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission)

  • Timeline for the Arbitration 
    • April 15: Draft determination
    • June 28: Due date of statement(s) of evidence from Together 
    • August 19: Due date of written arguments addressing disputed matters from both parties 
    • September 2-6 and 24-27: Hearings at the Industrial Relations Commission will take place
    • November 18: last witness to be heard
    • 27 November: written submissions are due
    • 2 December: Final hearing with the Full Bench