Wages Arbitration 

With a majority of all Together members in Education voting, the result of the ballot is an overwhelming YES.

Union members have secured significant wins on classifications, allowances, employment security and consultation. The arbitration of members' wages will continue in 2020.

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Arbitration is where the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (the independent umpire) will hear our case for improved wages and conditions and hear the Departments arguments as well and then make a final decision. It is a process like a trial, members will be witnesses. Below are some key pieces of information about the arbitration. Get in touch at any time on education@together.org.au if you want to find out more. 

Here is a table showing what what wages we are fighting for, next to what the Department is proposing. As you can see for many Together members the Department was proposing no pay increase at all for the year 2018-2019.