Administration Officers

Protected Action Ballot

As of Monday 11th of February Together members are commencing additional work bans that are protected industrial action. The bans are:

  • A ban on answering telephones between 1:30pm-3:30pm
  • A ban on collecting student resource grants or other voluntary contributions of funds from students and families
  • A ban on undertaking any work outside of the scheduled hours (including scheduled ADO) and a ban on undertaking any work outside of your position descriptions (this is called a “Work to Rule”)
  • A ban on submitting all paperwork to do with the school budget, including submitting through the School Budget Solution

Here is an example of an email you can send to your Principal and colleagues and here is an example of something you can say to parents.

Hard won additional school funding will have impacts on Administration Officers within Queensland State Schools. We have not finished our campaign to have all administration officers reclassified.

The following AO2 position description has been negotiated and updated. 

Together delegates negotiated and these PDs were finalised by the RoSAS review. See below. These PDs are also available on One Portal.

Schools are encouraged to adopt these PDs and implement them by acknowledging the work you do in your school. It is important to note that the school needs to provide the additional funds to upgrade the roles.

While the Department is finalising the "School Endorsement Form" process to adopt the PD and make you permanent in your role, use the Relieve Above Level process with your Region.

We are keen to hear your thoughts and to help members seek progression to these levels. Please get in touch at

WIN! For International Student and Home Stay Coordinators

In 2016 we wrote to the Department about their failure to pay you an appropriate on-call allowance and recall to duty allowances when you are performing your work.

Six weeks later we received this letter from the Department saying they would "get back to us next year" essentially.

Given that the Department had had six weeks to respond to us we lodged a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission to get urgent resolution.

The Department have now, as a result of this dispute, advised all your managers that they MUST pay you an on-call allowance and recall to duty.

Payroll have been in touch with all the claimants we have identified. If you have not been contacted email us at