Together in Education

For the most recent Fact Sheet for Education members on the evolving COVID-19 health pandemic click here. You can read our latest update here.

Ensuring members are safe and well at this time is our number one priority. Call us or get in touch via email if you need help.

EB News

Together members in the Department of Education do amazing work ensuring every child has a successful education and remains safe while doing so.

The Department of Education Certified Agreement 2019 was certified on Tuesday 9 June, 2020.

You can read the agreement here.

School Support Staff Recognition Week

This year School Support Staff Recognition Week takes place 7 to 11 September. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the essential work done by all school support staff to help facilitate teaching and learning. Education doesn't happen without us!

For information regarding particular issues for members please click the link on the top nav bar that best matches your role. We know that not every essential role is listed here. Please contact us for more information about your profession if it is not listed.

We are stronger together. Members can access advice, support and assistance by contacting us at 1800 177 244 or