Public Service Officers Award handed down – check out our summary

Posted August 6, 2014

Late last year, the Newman government rushed through changes to the Industrial Relations Act that were specifically designed to strip away your rights and conditions – basic protections like hours of work, consultation about change, rostering arrangements, and leave entitlements.

Now, the government’s latest attempt to take away rights has resulted in the Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission handing down a decision on a new "Public Service Officers and Other Employees Award". You can read a copy of the decision here.

This is the first major Award to be handed down in the Public Sector and it gives us a good indication to what we should expect in other new Awards, like the other ones covering Health employees. You can read a factsheet on the changes to your Award conditions here.

You and your colleagues decided you weren’t going to let the government just rush through another process designed to strip away your rights. You signed postcards, held meetings, spoke with your local MPs, and pressured the politicians. The government was hoping to get away with making changes with no scrutiny in a rushed timeframe, and your action has denied them this.

They have still pushed ahead with their extreme legislative agenda, but we have had a few key wins in the Industrial Commission process and in response to members' direct action. The changes will not come into force immediately, as you will read.