Youth Detention: the push to win 100% WorkCover

Posted on May 12, 2017

I am writing to provide good news regarding the campaign to win 100% WorkCover for staff injured at work.

After over 18 months of pushing on this issue, your Together Delegates and I are happy to report that it looking likely that this will become a reality, pending a decision by the Director General.

This week DJAG have informed us of the outcome of the review of WorkCover arrangements for Youth Justice employees.  There will be a recommendation going to the Director General to apply 100% WorkCover payments for up to 6 months, for all Youth Justice Employees.  If this is accepted by the Director General, the new arrangements would come into effect for new WorkCover claims from 1 July this year.

This 6 month period at full 100% pay is the arrangement our Together members in Corrections won last year, and it is what our Youth Detention members have been pushing for now for over 18 months.  This recommendation is the outcome we were seeking from DJAG senior management at DJAG ACC meetings, in our correspondence to the Director General, and during the review.

If the recommendation is approved by the DG, this will make a real difference in the lives of our members who are injured at work. Our delegates and members have experienced what it is like to not have full pay while on WorkCover. 

The review team heard directly from our members who have experienced the reduced payment on WorkCover, who have told them how important this change will be for our members who get injured at work.

This is very good news, but while it isn't finalised it's still a bit too early to celebrate.

This doesn't fix safety or staffing issues in Youth Detention Centres. But it does mean that people don’t end up penalised for getting injured doing their job. 

Resolving this issue will mean we can all get on with the job of making critical improvements for workers in Youth Detention.

Congratulations for keeping up the pressure on this issue.  We'll keep you posted on the decision by the Director General.

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