Youth Detention workers win 100% Workcover

Posted on July 14, 2017

When Together members lobby for change, we win. Great campaign work from members means Youth Detention workers have won 100% WorkCover payments - an important workplace improvement.

The previous WorkCover payment system reduced your wages while you were in recovery. It progressively paid you less until the 6 months of WorkCover was over. You shouldn’t be financially penalised for getting injured doing your job, especially if your work has a very high risk of injury. 

It is hard for members to recover from injury at the best of times. I’ve heard countless stories of the strain that work-related injury places on people financially and personally. It is stressful enough on workers and their families while recovering, without having to make ends meet on reduced wages. 

That is why our members and delegates fought hard for these changes. 

After union pressure, you will now receive a ‘top up’ payment by the employer to give you 100% WorkCover while you recover.  These changes came into effect from 1st July.

We discussed this in workplace meetings across Youth Detention where the issue of regular workplace injuries was one of the most important issues.  Over 18 months, your Delegates have been raising the issue at meetings with local management and DJAG representatives.  We have made submissions about this as part of the Youth Detention enquiry, raised the matter with the DDG and escalated the issue to the David Mackie, Director General of DJAG.  The DG agreed to a review of 100% WorkCover arrangements, during which members were able to meet with the reviewers to share their own experiences of being burdened with reduced pay just for getting injured doing their job.

At the end of the day, due to the efforts of delegates and members, the Director General agreed to members’ requests for 100% WorkCover payments to apply to Youth Detention workers, and extended this to apply to all Youth Justice staff. 

Well done to all the members who campaigned hard for these changes. This had been a long time coming!  

Let your colleagues know about 100% WorkCover and ask them to join their union. It is more important than ever that Youth Detention workers work together as a strong union group. 

In union,

James Douglas | Organiser | Together

Ps.  Together last month took DJAG to the Industrial Commission over safety issues and under staffing in BYDC.  This importantly brought DJAGs attention to the specific staffing and safety issues on centre and ensured we received a commitment to the continued full rostering of the support seniors.  The QIRC dispute also resulted in a better process for our members to quickly resolve immediate safety issues on centre, especially on weekends.

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