Youth Detention update

Posted on April 23, 2019

Thanks to those members who voted as part of the poll about a Youth Detention Centre stand-alone agreement.

The majority of respondents supported the proposal. It is important to remember that this does not mean you now have stand-alone negotiations – that is not a guarantee. The next steps in this process is that, in mid-May, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission will hear the arguments from all the parties about whether or not there should be a stand-alone agreement and make a decision. Once we hear more, we will let members know.

The BYDC LCC is on Wednesday 1 May. If you have any agenda items, please send them through or raise with your local delegates.

Looking at the feasibility of extending school delivery – what needs to be considered?

Recently, the Department of Education has invited Together, as well as United Voice and the Queensland Teachers’ Union, to be part of the consultation about the feasibility of extending the number of school weeks delivered at YDCs. Please note – this project is only at the stage where its feasibility is being looked at: it is still just a proposal.  

The key factors that have been identified that would need to be addressed if such a proposal went ahead, from the Youth Detention perspective, so far are:

  • Sufficient recruitment of DYWs and other staff to provide adequate security to students and staff
  • Sufficient recruitment of YDC staff to allow secure transportation of young people to and from school
  • Proactive and sufficient training of YDC staff
  • Proactive and sufficient training of Education staff by YDC in safety and security responses
  • Appropriate worker/student ratios
  • Capital costs such as the requirement to build or renovate any infrastructure
  • Building and safety upgrades to mitigate riots and misdemeanours by young people.

Do you have any other thoughts on what must be considered as part of any plans to extend the number of weeks school is taught in YDCs? If so, please send your thoughts through by COB Thursday 2 May.

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