Is your workplace family-friendly?

Posted on February 15, 2017

Juggling work commitments and children is tough work. So is juggling work and other caring responsibilities – like looking after parents or siblings. No matter how accommodating our families, friends and workplaces are, there are always ways we can help make work a better experience for working parents and carers.

That's why I'm excited to let you know we have a real opportunity to change our workplace culture and practices by making sure the Queensland Government pays attention right now.

Gender Pay Equity Steering Committee has been established -  as a joint union and management working group - to review pay equity in the Queensland public sector. Together delegates believe that this is also the best time to raise issues around returning to work after parental leave, flexible work arrangements and the impact of part-time work especially as they relate to the juggle of caring responsibilities and the impact this has on the careers of women in the public service.

Your union has joined forces with The Parenthood to kick off this campaign. The Parenthood, as Australia's leading advocacy organisation for parents, have a great reputation for campaigning strongly on issues that affect working parents including Paid Parental Leave, childcare and family friendly workplaces.

During this campaign, Together members and The Parenthood will be working collaboratively to change the way workplaces operate to ensure that all workers are able to make the best possible contribution at work and at home.

The first step in this campaign requires a better understanding of what you believe are the key factors that create a more family-friendly workplace across the public sector.

We have created this survey to help us understand members thoughts and opinions. We want to learn more about your own work experiences and how these experiences could help shape the policies, culture and practices that can make our workplaces better and more family friendly.

This survey should only take about 15 minutes and the feedback you provide will be extremely valuable for this campaign.

I look forward to your responses!

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