Your wages in Qhealth

Posted on April 2, 2015

Many of you may have seen the DG’s announcement yesterday about Nurses and Midwives pay-rise of 2.2%.

This is the same pay-rise by extension of agreement that those of you who are HP’s and DOs got in 2013.

The 2.2% is not the new government wages policy as far as we have been advised. This was a legislative requirement to do this for that group, like it was for you.

The new Premier and Treasurer have yet to release their wages policy but they will need to do so in the near future.

We have been lobbying for some time for “fair pay for all” and our wages petition remains open – you can sign it here.

We are waiting on the new wages policy to potentially settle the outstanding HP and DO agreement.

Some progress was made in talks this week with Health as per our email on Tuesday. 

The settlement of these matters for you in HP and DO is not just about wages – what we have been talking this week with government about is preserving the back-dating of wages to October last year but also reinstating job security, no contracting out,

When speaking to the newly elected MPs and the new Ministers they are indicating that the wages policy should be improved, but we need to keep the pressure on.

Next week your delegates will be meeting again to discuss the next steps in these settlement talks and we will have further information for you then.

Back-dating of any payrise to October last year when your 2.2% expired is critical.

While it is frustrating to still be waiting for a payrise it is only because you voted as a group to wait that your job security and other key issues can be addressed, as well as a back-dated pay increase.

I hope you have a safe and happy Easter period.

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