Your wages matter

Posted on January 29, 2018

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Your work is essential and while the work you do as public sector union members matter, so too does the money you earn, and how you spend it.

Your delegates and Together representatives are about to kick off negotiations for your next enterprise bargaining agreement in the middle of a national wage crisis. Quite simply, Australian workers wages are not keeping up with the cost of living and many are falling behind.

Leading economists across Australia, including Governor of the Reserve Bank Dr Philip Lowe, have outlined that we need higher wages if the economy is to improve.

That is why in these upcoming negotiations, talking about your wages matters. It matters to you and it matters to the economy. However, we expect the government will put up a fight to not go past their current 2.5% wages policy, that’s for sure.

As public sector union members, we have built up a strong union over the decades and secured some great working conditions like job security and the current government’s 2.5% wage policy. It means when we sit at the negotiation table with the government, we know the government will likely offer us a 2.5% pay rise. But is that enough?

So, are you in? Take the survey and let your delegates know.

Keep an eye out for more details about your wages in the coming days. Ask your colleagues to fill in the survey and join you as members if they're in for the wages matter fight too.

PS:  Your union office is in the process of changing how outgoing calls are made to members. Over the next few weeks, a new outgoing number from the Together office will be moved over to mobile number 0420 428 306. Make sure to save that number on your phone!

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