Your voice in DAFF in 2015

Posted on February 17, 2015

One of the great parts of being a union member is that you are able to have your say on your conditions and entitlements and the direction of union campaigns.

DAFF members are already off to a great start in 2015 with mechanisms in place and meetings being held which are providing you various opportunities to have your voice heard

At the end of last year DAFF members saw the return of a regular Agency Consultative Committee (ACC) meeting to your department. ACCs are a good structured avenue to raise agency specific issues with your department’s directors. The next ACC to be held will be on February 27. Your delegates have already been working hard this year putting together the following list of concerns raised with them by members. These concerns will form part of the agenda with DAFF management representatives on the 27th.

  • Support for IR leave, training and attending ACC meetings
  • Housing in remote areas for employees
  • Progression of PO and TO staff
  • Award Modernisation
  • Concerns about Moggill and Richlands Fire Ant Centre facilities – lack of communication, the possibility of amalgamating
  • Transfer of IPQ inspectorate to Plant Health - implications for Fire Ant staff / funding
  • Biosecurity Act – update on where this is and if it includes any privatisation
  • Fire Ant Centre - Christmas break working arrangements - time & a half for on call staff
  • Heightened security alert for police and Military personnel - DAFF response for safety of its uniformed staff

Please remember that if you don’t have a local delegate to raise your workplace and/or department concerns with me as your DAFF Organiser (

Also, last week Together members met throughout Brisbane city to talk about how the election results may impact on your conditions at work. One of these meetings was held in the Primary Industries Building on Tuesday. Many of the questions asked by members at this meeting are unable to be answered at this stage and your Together office will be making sure members receive updates as answers are established.

In preparation of a potential change of government, however, members were asked to give feedback on which conditions they felt most strongly about being returned post-LNP government.  The following is a consolidated list from Tuesday’s meeting:

  • Job security
  • Workloads – there are currently unrealistic expectations of work outputs. This expectation has unacceptable impacts and risks to workers health and wellbeing.
  • Making sure management is accountable for decisions, policies and procedures.
  • Equal work for equal pay - realignment of positions, particularly of those of a higher substantive level being filled by workers at a lower substantive and not being remunerated correctly.
  • Educate members on their workplace rights and responsibilities.
  • Reintroduction of the professional progression scheme to provide workers with an opportunity for advancement.

If you feel strongly about an issue that is not covered by this list please let your local delegate know or email me at

Your delegates and I are excited about the changes members are keen to make by working together this year!

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