Your Union Mail - August 2017

Posted on August 8, 2017

This month, your national union has released a comprehensive report into superannuation and retirement. Women are retiring with 47% less super than men. Check out the super story below for more. 

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Congratulations to QML Members.

Together members at QML had been negotiating with their employer for well over a year and had been on an expired agreement since 2010.

Members spent a lot of time talking to their colleagues about what it means to be union. These actions not only grew their membership and increased their number of delegates, but they proved that when you stick together and are prepared to act collectively you force your employer to listen.  

QML Workers faced an employer that wanted to split the workplace by having two separate agreements. However, by sticking together members not only forced management back to one agreement for all staff, they also secured a pay rise of 2.8% increase on 5 June 2017 (with a successful yes vote). In July 2018 & 2019, they will receive at least 2.25%.

There has been no loss of conditions which means their penalty rates stay intact too.

Like most members, our members at QML would have liked to have gained more out of this process. The truth is there is always more to be gained through bargaining. The good news is when you know what it takes to win you can aim for more improvements in the future.

Congratulations QML members!

Retirement - Not so super for women

New research from your national union - the Australian Service Union, found that women will retire with 47% less super than men, with a median balance of only $80,000 at age 65.  As a direct function of pay, we know that factors like the gender pay gap is contributing to women having less superannuation savings when they retire.

Click here to read the report: Not So Super, For Women: Superannuation and Women’s Retirement Outcomes

Women are more likely to leave the workforce to perform unpaid caring duties, are more likely to be engaged in insecure work and more likely to do numerous part time roles. This means in some cases women are not even reaching the earnings threshold to be entitled to superannuation.

The report makes a number of recommendations around intervention to stop those falling behind. These may include government top-ups, tax relief, superannuation account fee discounts.

Women should not be facing a retirement living in poverty. Your union is committed to reversing these trends and have launched a campaign to secure better retirement outcomes for women. Policy initiatives for government, workplaces and superannuation funds can all contribute to these better outcomes.

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