Your Transurban EB update

Posted on September 11, 2020

We recently attended another meeting in relation to your EBA. In this meeting, we argued that the 1% increase offered was not reasonable and is insulting considering the important operational work that you do. 

Transurban advised they wanted to increase the offer, but only to 1.5%. Transurban stated traffic, not reaching pre-COVID levels, as their main reason for such a low offer of increase.

On the plus side, management have stated they do not want to alter the current redundancy entitlements. This is good news as the current entitlements are more reflective of the Queensland government's entitlements.

There was also discussion of a shorter EBA length in an attempt to mitigate damage done due to knee jerk COVID reactions by Transurban. 

The next meeting is next week and your union needs your input.

What do you think of the wage offer?

What do you think about the shorter agreement length?

Please let us know by emailing

1800 177 244