Your rights at work at risk – what you can do

Posted on October 30, 2017

Your rights at work are at risk in Queensland. This election, make sure you are voting to support your rights at work.

We know the system is broken. Wages and conditions are going backwards. Our penalty rates are under attack.

Hardworking Queenslanders have fought for laws that protect our standards of living and make sure that everyone gets a fair go, including:

  • The right to a safe workplace;
  • Fair compensation if you get hurt or injured at work;
  • Regulation of labour hire arrangements; and
  • Protections to stop sub-contractors from being ripped off.

All of these things are under threat in Queensland in this state election.

Politicians are meant to stand up for ordinary Queenslanders, not big business interests. Politicians need to act to protect rights and give everyone a fair standard of living.

Letting politicians rip away our workplace rights is not an option. We can make a difference.

Take action now: commit to support your rights at work in Queensland this election.

All politicians and parties need to be sent a message: We have worked for our way of life, we won’t let politicians and big business take it away.

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