Your rights to access flexible work arrangements in the Public Service - tell us your experience.

Posted on May 12, 2021

Working from home has been a success in the public service. I’ve heard from members that being able to work from home for part of the week has improved their work-life balance and productivity which has flow-on impacts into our communities.   

Over the last week, public service agencies have advised workers that they will need to return to the office. The current announcement from Government means that agencies need to formalize the individual flexible work arrangements and develop policies that provide a balance between working from home and the office. Where agencies are doing the right thing by workers, Together will continue to work constructively with those agencies. 

Get involved by telling your union what’s happening in your agency. 

I am concerned that some managers and agencies are using this announcement to wind back the clock and stop public servants from accessing their rights to flexible work. They will try to intimidate workers into abandoning their work from home arrangements and unreasonably refuse individual flexible work arrangements.  

As a union, we are stronger when we are together.  

That’s why our union will seek to collectively negotiate with agencies where staff are being denied reasonable working from home arrangements and escalate any issues to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission or sector-wide consultative forums.

Together has started to engage with each agency about how the announcement will be implemented but we need to know what decisions are being made at the local level when it comes to individual flexible work arrangements to build a collective response to management’s decisions.  

Tell us your experience of flexible work arrangements.  

It’s a critical time in determining whether public servants will be able to have meaningful access to working from home.  

The first step is for Together members to start requesting flexible work arrangements and sharing the results of those requests. We need to hear from the good agencies as well as the bad. Let us know your experience of flexible work arrangements by filling in this form.


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