Your rights are at risk! Heath EB Update via audio/visual teleconference

Posted on July 1, 2019

This year, union members across Queensland Health are negotiating new collective agreements for wages and conditions. This will have a direct effect on your conditions of work and the standards of care you provide. 

Whether you work in the allied health therapies, in administration, are a health worker or a clinical assistant, your EB is being negotiated now. Here's a link to your Log of Claims for your reference: 

Negotiations have kicked off and Queensland Health has shown their hand - the Department has already signalled cuts in the EB10 agreement and we believe they are planning to cut similar conditions from the HPDOCA agreement. To remind you of the changes that they want to make, see the following documents: 

  • This document shows the cuts that Queensland Health want to make and;
  • Our summary of the cuts.

What this has shown is that we need to be ready. It's a really important time to be union active. We strongly encourage you dial in to the following meeting to talk about the current negotiations for your agreements and how you can be more involved. 

This is an internet based audio visual conference or teleconference. You can use your mobile or computer to attend. Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday 9 July

Time: 1:30pm

Password: Stronger

Depending on the device that you are using, please use the following instructions: 


  • Go to
  • Click "Join a meeting" in the navigation bar
  • Enter the meeting ID: 636 680 806


  • Dial +6128 0156 011 or +6187 1501 149
  • Enter meeting ID: 636680806# 
  • Follow prompts

Invite your colleagues by forwarding this email to them and ask them to join you so they can get involved and have their say.

If you have any questions please contact us via

1800 177 244