Your last chance to give feedback is today

Posted on July 17, 2015

Consultation  on the Business case for change with regards to the implementation of a new organisational structure based on the recommendations of the Hunter Review has continued this week.  Members have been involved a series of meetings held by the Acting DDGs for each of the proposed Divisions this week and DG forums were held at  QHB and RBWH which were well attended.

The Department has stressed that they do not want a consultation process where feedback is filtered only through a management lens, so it is important that you provide feedback so that the changes we want to see happen occur.

If you have not already done so the Together Hunter Review Steering Committee encourages you to provide feedback on the Business Case and other documents prior to the end of business today as consultation closes this afternoon.

Here are the relevant documents referenced above.

Feedback can be provided through the Hunter Review email, drop boxes located in buildings and through your Together workplace Delegates or by emailing us directly here at 

What happens next?

The DG will be briefed on the theme of the feedback provided by stakeholders such as yourselves and also holding discussions with the Department Leadership Team on Monday morning. It is anticipated that the DG will then make an announcement on his decision on the final structure on Wednesday.

The Together Hunter Review Steering Committee have organised another meeting with the implementation team to discuss the DG’s decision before the formal Department-Union briefing next Thursday. 

Further information will be provided to you from the Steering Committee on Friday after these meetings.

What should you do?

If you haven’t provided feedback you should do this today via or

Please share this communication with your colleagues and continue to be informed.

Ask your colleagues who haven't joined you as a member to join so that we have a strong and active union going into this major change

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