Your health and safety as we return back to "normal" in the Fraser Coast.

Posted on June 4, 2020

As we are returning back to “normal” you need to be aware of a number of health and safety points.

  1. Is there a plan in place should you have to return to working from home within a short time frame?;
  2. You should be consulted about changes to your start and finishing times;
  3. Hot desking is not recommended;
  4. Is there enough space in the workplace for everyone to safely return to the office?
  5. If you are a 'vulnerable' employee talk to your doctor about when you should return to work and what health and safety measures need to be in place for you;
  6. Does your office have a health and safety representative? If not, please let me know and as your local union organiser, I can assist you in running health and safety representative elections.

Please get in contact with me by emailing if you have any concerns about returning to your office space or if you feel that there are problems with the return to work plan for your workplace.

1800 177 244