Your EB10 Agreement: Timing of payment

Posted on December 5, 2019

As you know, this year Queensland Health EB10 members ran a strong campaign, including proposed industrial action, to secure a new agreement. This proposed agreement includes a 2.5% wage increase, backdated to 1 September 2019, plus an additional $1250 payment, as well as other improvements (you can read the offer letter here). All Together members can be proud of this achievement.

Since the successful campaign by EB10 members, the government has extended this payment to other groups. Unfortunately, the exact timing of when our EB10 members will receive the $1250 payment is still not yet confirmed. 

Together gave in-principle agreement to settle the negotiations on the basis of the outcomes won by members two months ago. 

However one union has not yet provided their in-principle agreement. Because of this, the drafting and certification process hasn't proceeded, and this has the potential to delay the $1250 payment, which we have been advised will be paid at certification of the agreement. Nurses and Doctors are having their payments made next week because their agreements were certified last year.

Together has made representations to government to ask that the payment should be brought forward and paid before certification so that our members aren't affected by those delays which are not in our control. We don't yet have a commitment from the employer for the payment to be brought forward but will continue to advocate for early payment.

We will also update members when there are any updates regarding the settlement of your agreement and payment. 

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