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Posted on October 3, 2017

In the last quarter of the year (where did that all go?!) there are a lot of things happening and we are all waiting for a potential announcement of the imminent state election. As Together members we all know what a difference the policies of the government of the day make to our work and our lives. We’ll be contacting you all about the Stand for Queensland campaign in the lead up to the election soon!

Update on HR and Regional Office Workloads Issues

Over the last 5 years we have seen changes in how the regional HR teams function, particularly with the recent introduction of system changes such as the School Budget Solution. These changes in addition to the growing number of schools and staff as well as the implementation of new projects across the Department, particularly in schools, has resulted in a change of work flows and increased demands for regional HR teams.

With ever increasing demands and significant workload, the increasing complexity of the matters and tasks being managed by these teams it is essential that a review and subsequent action at an holistic level be taken to address these issues as a state wide HR system.

In the coming weeks we want to identify a way forward to address significant workload pressures and the wellbeing of the staff who have been continuing to do such a big job.

Discussions have commenced about how to define what services HR professionals deliver in in the regions and to schools now and how they can be delivered in the future. As part of these discussions fundamental accountabilities need to be explored and determined, particularly in regard to what schools are expected to do and be accountable for and what are regional HR staff expected to do? Through these discussions we want to work through and see how we can make the most of the expertise, experience and dedication of the regional office staff to guide schools and other business units in the Department.

Assistant Director General for HR, Leigh Pickering, and Executive Director Des Kluck have committed to commence open and real discussions with Together delegates and staff regarding these matters this Term to identify all potential solutions. If you would like to be involved contact us

Infrastructure Services Branch – Proposed Local Consultative Committee

Following a meeting of Together members in ISB last week we have proposed establishing a Local Consultative Committee (LCC) to discuss issues directly with senior management as they arise and to feed matters through to the Agency Consultative Committee (ACC) as required. We’ll let ISB members know what the next steps are when we hear back from Kevin Mara and Jeff Hunt.

Report back on Health and Safety Issues

A recent incident in Education House raised a serious workplace health and safety issue for members in Central Office and the CBD.

When a staff member reported to work with symptoms that could have been signs of a serious heart condition it was identified there was not a defibrillator in the building, and this prompted some discussion amongst members. Defibrillators are the devices (like the ones we might see in medical dramas) that send an electric shock through the body to restart the heart and can potentially save lives.

Local Together delegates raised the issue through the Health and Safety at Work Committee and were successful in having Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) purchased for not only Education House but 61 Mary St and AM60 (2 other CBD buildings) as well. A protocol for deployment and use of the AEDs for DET CBD is currently being developed which will be distributed to First Aid Officers and building emergency teams. Well done to your health and safety representatives!

For more general information about the devices you can read about it from St John’s Ambulance service: St John Ambulance Queensland are currently running a campaign on AED in workplace and you may be able to link into that, even get a quote from them about AEDs)

And here is the link.

Our next Agency Consultative Committee and the last one for the year is happening on 22 November.

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