You won the right to negotiate CVs wages and conditions – effective from this week

Posted on March 2, 2017

After a long struggle, I’m happy to announce that from yesterday (1 March) Community Visitors finally have the right to collective bargaining. This means CVs can now formally negotiate with your employer as a union group, to agree on a set of employment conditions. You won these rights late last year!

Previously, the law allowed that the Public Guardian decided and set your wages and conditions without the requirement to negotiate with you.  You had no say at all in your wages and conditions. Until now you were a rare legal exception, as all other employees across the country enjoy the standard right to formally negotiate their wages and conditions.

Finally, this week the law came into effect to give you those rights. This result was because of the lobbying and campaigning efforts of Community Visitors union members. It was also due to the support of members of the Government and crossbench MPs who voted your new rights into law late last year, as part of changes to Industrial Relations legislation.

Having the right to bargain for improvements is a huge win for CVs. Congratulations on getting it this far! 

Despite this win, your conditions are still unfair. The next steps are even more important – it is time to prepare to negotiate for specific improvements.

Some examples of what could be included in your collective agreement are a negotiated wage increase, leave provisions (including long service), the terms for engagement of casual employees, arrangements for payment of hours worked, travel and mileage payments, and improved consultation rights.  It could also cover other specific conditions that you want to protect so that they can’t be changed by the employer at a later date.

We will get a survey out to members shortly to find out what you regard as most important to be on your negotiating team's list. Please take the time to complete this union member only survey as it will be the basis for the claims we take forward.

It is critical that your colleagues all join as union members so that you are a stronger group at the negotiating table.  How strong our members are will determine if you get a better or worse outcome during negotiations. 

Forward this email to your colleagues and ask them to join your union online here.

Community Visitors are stronger together.   Please let me know if you have any questions before we send you the member survey about the most important issues to bring to the negotiations.

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