You're winning - and a new chance to have your say

Posted February 15, 2012 by Alex Scott

Thanks to the efforts of you and your colleagues, our petition in support of public sector wages is a great success because politicians are being forced to respond. There is more to do to ensure that public sector workers and their families can keep up.

I know we've already contacted you about this, but this is an urgent moment: as soon as the formal election campaign starts on Sunday, it is going to be harder to get public attention to our cause because the focus will immediately shift to the party leaders.

This is about you and recognition for the work that you do to build a better Queensland.

We've had some reports of people being unable to access the site via their work computers, so we have set up a version of the petition at the Together website here.

Please don't sign both petitions - but if you have been previously unable to sign, you can do so at the Together site. You can also encourage your colleagues to sign if they haven't already.

Our petition has quickly gained a lot of public support, as well as support from MPs and political parties. The politicians are starting to listen to your voice!

So if you haven't already signed the version of the petition here, or the Together site version here, please sign to help keep the focus on public sector wages and public sector services.

Congratulations on what you have already done to highlight the importance of the services for our Queensland community.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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