Workloads in DJAG

Posted on September 14, 2020

We would all agree that everyone deserves to come to work and have safe workloads and fair access to hours of work that are sustainable for everyone to have a great work-life-balance.

Over the past few months, union members in the Department of Justice and Attorney General have been raising the matter of high workloads, finding work-life-balance tough to manage and having a negative impact on their health and safety. 

This is why Together members across Queensland are launching a survey about these two important issues. The purpose of the survey is to build a real picture of what workloads are like, and how local hours of work policies are being implemented.

Without clear evidence and an open discussion on these issues, they cannot be addressed.

Can you take a few minutes right now to complete the survey and share what the real picture of workloads is like for you?

The more DJAG staff who complete the survey, the stronger your union's ability is to provide solutions and seek a positive change on your working life. This is why union members have set a goal of 500 staff to complete the survey.

Can you help reach the goal of 500 surveys completed?

When DJAG staff reach their goal, union members will move to stage 2 of the process, which is about building solutions and support for changes to occur.

It’s going to take an active union to make improvements here, if you know a non-union member, or would like to join yourself, head over to our Together website and get involved today to build a better department.

Remember, all submissions to the survey will remain confidential and not be released to the department with your name associated. What the results will drive is union members ability to build a better working life each other.

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