Workload Management Manual, Arbitration and MOG changes in Child Safety

Posted on January 29, 2021

Workload Management Manual (currently for Ongoing Intervention). 

As Child Safety members would be aware, the Workload Management Manual is now being implemented for CSOs working Ongoing Intervention (OI) cases (though implementation has not yet started in Central Queensland).

While the Department is required to report some data to your union representatives at Regional and Agency Consultative Committees, delegates are concerned that CSOs with the highest workloads are not getting the support they need.

This is why we are launching a webform for CSOs to log their excessive workloads directly with your union. You can let us know quickly, through just a few questions, here

If your excessive workload issue has been resolved, we would appreciate you letting us know through this form.

Together members can always provide feedback through your delegates and straight to the union office so we can raise this with the Department. As the WMM is being implemented across the state, members now have experience with how accurate (or otherwise) the weighting process is, and we want to know what your experience has been.

OI CSOs should be undertaking the weighting process in a collaborative way with their Senior Team Leader during supervision. If you are in a Service Centre where the WMM has been implemented and this is not occurring, please get in touch by emailing or calling 1800 177 244.

While we continue to pursue a caseload cap through the arbitration process, the WMM is the tool we have now and we want to ensure its implementation is as effective as possible. Together members have a significant role to play in this, so please encourage your co-workers to log their excessive workload issues and join you as a Together member as we continue to fight for safe and reasonable workloads.

Arbitration – hearings begin next week.

If you can you believe it - arbitration hearings begin next week! Once again, thank you to all of the members and delegates who have put their evidence forward as witnesses, and all members who have contributed through our survey and in many other ways – your support and solidarity will be with all of our members when they testify in the Commission during the hearings.

Together members should be proud of standing up for better conditions and wages, and not accepting anything less than what you deserve. Safe workloads and attracting and retaining staff are critical issues, and Together members know the Department needs more than a band-aid solution, which is why you have stuck it out to this point. Your commitment is to be commended.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the hearings. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on by calling 1800 177 244.

Machinery of Government (MOG) changes.

Last week, Departmental representatives met with delegates to provide us with an update on the Machinery of Government changes. There are still some areas that are less clear on what the MOG will mean practically, such as Investment & Partnerships, where the number of positions that will move across with Domestic and Family Violence services to Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) has not yet been finalized. We understand the date for these matters to be signed off is 12 February. The Department indicated its intent, where possible, was to allow staff to express an interest in positions in DJAG before transferring staff, if necessary. Also, once the MOG itself is complete, should there need to be any organisational change within work units, members will of course be consulted.

The Department has committed to meet with Together representatives after each MOG Committee meeting as the changes progress. Delegates have already successfully advocated for safeguards for staff coming into Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs to receive notice of Higher Duties and other EOI opportunities to ensure they are not disadvantaged. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the MOG process, please do not hesitate to contact us through or by calling 1800 177 244.

Know your rights – and when to contact your union office for advice!

As a Together member, you’ll never walk alone. It’s important not to forget this when challenges at work arise – this could be a serious matter like an investigation or simply wanting to know your entitlements around flexible working arrangements or hours of work, as an example.

While some workplace matters are confidential you are always able to talk to your union representatives about your industrial rights and entitlements. It’s always best to seek advice early on in the process. You can do that by contacting the union office on 1800 177 244 or – we are here for you!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything at all you want to discuss or if you need any assistance.

1800 177 244