Work bans starting today - AOs & BMs in Schools

Posted on February 11, 2019

Your work matters. Taking industrial action is a huge step but one that the majority of Together members voted to do because you are reminding the Department just how much you are really responsible for!

As you would be aware from today Together members in schools are authorised to undertake the following as protected industrial action:

  • A ban on answering telephones between 1:30pm-3:30pm
  • A ban on collecting student resource grants or other voluntary contributions of funds from students and families
  • A ban on undertaking any work outside of the scheduled hours (including scheduled ADO) and a ban on undertaking any work outside of your position descriptions (this is called a “Work to Rule”)
  • A ban on submitting all paperwork to do with the school budget, including submitting through the School Budget Solution

You should let your Principal know if you are taking the action.

Departmental and government representatives met with me this morning deeply concerned about the impact of the bans on student safety. I outlined that of course Together members are always concerned about safety. That schools would surely have to put in place alternative arrangements to cover particularly the phones. This might include forwarding phone calls to a teacher, asking a teacher aide to cover the phones and extending their hours of duty. Or another arrangement. It will be a case by case, school by school process. We also noted that no members in disaster affected communities are taking action, of course.

We pointed out that members have been very slow to take this action and have only resorted to this after months and the quickest way to have it cease would be to see a new offer. The department did not comment.

We also relayed that Together members take the safety of students seriously and do these logistics every day. We noted that if the safety of students is at risk then members know that they will note their concern but also do work required for safety.

We may hear further from the department today.

I have already seen many magnificent messages of support for you, for your work, and even endorsing the extraordinary step of action from Principals and colleagues. You are admired by your colleagues.

Please go to the Together website for more information about what to send your Principal and what you might say to parents about the banned work.

See that here. There are similar words on the Business Manager page here.

These pages also include your PDs so that you can see the ‘work to rule’ guideline.

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