Winning in Corrections

Posted on September 6, 2017

Update on body cameras and vests

Good news! Your delegates have met with the department twice and secured a commitment to roll out body cameras with vests. 

The department is in the process of purchasing 1350 vests initially to be issued in the next few months. The remainder of the vests will be subject to an ongoing procurement process. 

We are supportive of the body cameras. If you or any other union member wishes to wear them before the vests are issued, you will be supported in doing so.

This is a great outcome that wouldn't have been possible without your union power and the dedication of your delegates pressing for proper equipment. 

Congratulations Townsville members!

Members in Townsville had a big win for workplace safety! Townsville delegates led by Adrian Burke, Ron Williams and Ron Wadforth have negotiated a protocol for managing staff shortages.

The protocol will ensure that vacancies will be filled where possible. If not possible, reduced operations will be introduced to keep staff safe.

Your safety at work is important for you, your loved ones and the prisoners in your centre. This win proves that when union members like you fight for something together, you win.

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