Why I support changing the name of the Children's Hospital

Posted on August 3, 2018

As you would be aware there is currently a proposal to change the name of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, with the support of staff who work at that hospital.

I have forwarded a message from Dr Robert Elliott, a clinician who works at the hospital for your information. Please see below.

Alex Scott 

Why I support changing the name of the Children’s Hospital.

I was asked about my opinion by the union office and to provide some background as a clinician who works at the hospital.

I know that many people will have differing views. I also believe the staff of the hospital are overwhelmingly supportive of a change.

I believe the strongest, most persuasive argument for a change is that the name of the hospital should reflect its function: The Queensland Children's Hospital.

At the moment members of the public don't recognise the name and they are not even aware whether the hospital is public or private. Taxi drivers don't know where it is.

The current name also does not enjoy any strong recognition internationally or amongst interstate researchers.

This is of real concern. Our hospital deserves a strong clear identity.

Paediatric care in Queensland does not belong to any one person. Our hospital relies on the vital contribution of hundreds of talented, committed, and hard-working staff every day. I believe the most important factor in naming our hospital is recognising that it exists for the benefit of all the children in Queensland.

I believe our hospital – one of the largest children's hospitals in the Southern Hemisphere - needs a simple, clear name that unambiguously sets out its role and that can be used with pride by all staff who work here. That is why I support the name "Queensland Children’s Hospital."

I encourage you to put forward your own views as part of the consultation.

Dr Robert Elliott

1800 177 244