What you can do for job security today

Posted on November 19, 2014

Tell the Health Minister that you are essential. 

Today, along with a passionate young physiotherapist, I spoke at the RBWH to a group of Health Practitioners, Dentists and other health workers including doctors, nurses, administrative and operational officers about the fight we are in to save the health system. Together president Vivienne Doogan and a number of other health workers also spoke about this fight at the PAH.

These rallies were impressive demonstrations of how you value your work and your colleagues. You can see some photos of today's rallies here.

The substandard offer being made to HPs and Dentists by QHealth is not just about how little they want to pay you and cutting your conditions.  It is also about their political priorities – they want to run the health service as cheaply as possible not how health professionals say it should be run.

Their priority is paying for ads to say how good the health system is instead of paying you to ensure we attract and retain the best health professionals in the system, and providing the best health services possible.

If you go backwards, your patients go backwards and that will be a disaster for Queensland.

I asked those who would attend today to go back to their workplaces and talk to their colleagues who were unable to leave their patients or their equipment and make sure they don’t lose hope. The Queensland community is on your side.

People care about hospitals and having the best possible health care professionals and about the broken promises of this government to you and to all Queenslanders.

Job security is one of those broken promises.

Power workers have been offered job security by the Treasurer and we support this. Electricity workers provide an essential government service. So do you. We now have an opportunity to demand from the Health Minister and Campbell Newman’s government that health workers are also respected for the essential services you provide and put your  job security back on the table.

If you haven't done so already - and thank you to the thousands who have - you can use the web form we have designed and edit the text in it to send your message. Encourage everyone you know to do the same.

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