What's important to you in Public Works?

Posted February 2, 2012 by Alex Scott

This year union members have an opportunity to improve your wages and conditions. This is the year that your wages and conditions for the next three years are set.

This will occur for all Public Works business units. 

There will also be a state election in March the result of which may have a significant impact on how both collective bargaining and Public Works business units are structured.

For more on union members questions and answers from politicians around the state election go to: www.together.org.au/buildingblocks - this is an important initiative that you can be a part of - commitments around employment security and collective bargaining from major parties are critical for members coming in to a collective bargaining period.

As union members we want to know what it is you wish to achieve in collective bargaining this year.  The current government has a wages policy of 2.5% and the opposition if they are elected have indicated that they want a 'right-sized public service with fair wages outcomes with fair productivity improvements'.

What do you want?  Let us know.

Tell us as your union office what the most important things for you are, it may be job security, a fair pay-rise that keeps pace with the rising cost of living, a better work/life balance or changes in other working conditions. Let us know what your top 3 most important issues for collective bargaining are by emailing your list to publicworkseb@together.org.au

The ideas from members will be collated and put together for your delegates to look at. This is the first step.

The other key thing that you can do to prepare for bargaining is to ask other workers to join you as a union member and have their say. Only union members get a say in what is asked for in collective bargaining - they can join online at www.together.org.au/join.

Your Union Delegates will be asked to nominate representatives to go attend a Union collective bargaining planning day in late February or early March , if your area does not have a delegate then please contact Lead Organiser Allison Finley-Bissett afb@together.org.au  to organise a delegate election for your area.

I look forward to working with you in this important year for our union in Public Works.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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