What is the LNP's job cuts plan?

Posted on May 20, 2017

According to ReachTel polling conducted for Together, Queenslanders overwhelmingly believe that Tim Nicholls and the LNP should tell the truth about their plans to cut public service jobs.

We don't know when the next state election will be. But we do know that in 2012 Tim Nicholls, Campbell Newman and the LNP lied about their plans and over 22,000 public sector workers lost their jobs as a result.

Sign up to the No More Lies campaign to ask Tim Nicholls to tell us the truth about his plans.

We know that the LNP is still ideologically committed to cutting public services. For years now at a state and federal level the LNP have tried to cut public funding for health, education and other public services and they have only been stopped when members of the public take a stand and put pressure on politicians.

We have launched the No More Lies campaign website because we can't wait until the election to start talking about the need to protect and improve our public services and jobs in Queensland. We know that as union members when we talk about our concerns Queenslanders will listen. We can campaign to demand concrete plans and force politicians to be accountable.

Right now we have a choice: we can be vocal now, or we can say nothing. If we say nothing we risk the politicians using spin and lies to hide their plans before the election, and following failed ideologies of job cuts and privatisation after the election.

We can choose to be cynical and let politicians get away with harmful lies, or we can choose to hold them to a higher standard of truth and accountability.

To find out more about how we will make a positive difference for Queensland, to be part of the movement for good jobs and thriving communities, sign up to our campaign today.

PS. You can see the polling data on this Facebook page.

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