What do you think?

Posted on August 3, 2015

Better Service

Over the last 3 years you have stood up time and again for fair pay and a fair go. 

This year we have been successful in restoring many of the rights stripped away through our campaign action and new legislation.

But we still haven’t seen a commitment from the government to you about fair pay.

On 1 July the government announced a new wages policy of 2.5%. 

In other areas like Transport and Main Roads, Health Practitioners, Dental Officers and Medical Officers in Queensland Health we have seen action by Together members in the last month secure them offers including the 2.5%  wage increase starting this year, and in the case of HP’s back-dated to October last year.

However, the policy announcement did not go in to detail about how the government will apply this policy to you. It also didn’t speak to any offer to settle our claims for back pay or the outstanding issues we have raised since 2012. You can read the Treasurer's letter about the wages policy here.

That’s why we need some clarity now. We have written to the Treasurer again - you can see the letter here.
Your back-pay and issues you raised about improving working conditions in 2012 are still subject to an arbitration (ongoing Court action) – and that will continue as directed by members.

There is an opportunity now to try another way at the same time as continuing our court action.

We  want to hear from you about our proposal to seek a negotiated settlement while continuing the arbitration.

So, if the new government agree to settle – what do we want?
What do you think?

Please take the time to fill in this survey. The survey will close on Friday 28 August.

You have worked hard for Queensland all along, and I know the messages I get from members indicate that having fairness and job security restored is good, but that we want more progress and fair pay. Members know that we can really build a better service if your views are taken in to account.

Let’s keep working to build a better service together.

I’ll be in touch about next steps once our member survey closes.

Remind your colleagues that if they want to have a say then they need to join you as a member and then they can contribute to the survey too.

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