What Campbell Newman said before the election

Posted August 14, 2012 by Vivienne Doogan

Every day there are new announcements and rumours about restructures of departments and jobs being lost. I know it is affecting my friends and family members as well as union members I talk to every day. The latest announcement in Queensland Health could affect potentially thousands of members’ livelihoods and have a devastating impact on services.

Now, it appears that the government are trying to redefine frontline services, meaning that even more jobs could be lost. The impact on services will be severe.

As a union we are standing up. Huge numbers of members are taking action where they can. As a union office we are lodging Supreme Court challenges and taking it up to the government in the media.

We are also continuing to lodge disputes in the Industrial Relations Commission about these announcements and working with members collectively on job security issues, through workplace meetings and as individuals.

A strong theme in the feedback we have received is that this government is just another bunch of politicians that are happy to say anything to get elected but then more than willing to go back on their promises as soon as the polls close.

Before the election the now Premier Campbell Newman recorded a video for Together members outlining his commitments to you as public servants. In the video Mr. Newman makes a lot of statements about job security and working cooperatively with public servants.

Campbell Newman's election commitment

I’m interested to see how you think he has lived up to his commitments to you.

Job security is crucial – it’s too important to be just another broken promise from politicians.

Together we are taking the fight up to the government, and we are making an impact. Today, a government MP, Vaughan Johnson, said publicly that cuts to jobs in his local area would happen ‘over his dead body’. It would be excellent to see more MPs speaking out against cuts affecting their local areas.

Thanks for getting involved in Together campaigns and for everything that you are doing.

PS: We’ll have more news coming out from our community and political campaign Working for Queenslanders over the  coming weeks. There was a great event in Helidon last weekend and some more activities planned in Mareeba and other areas coming up soon. If you haven’t already, join the campaign here: www.workingforqueenslanders.org.au. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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