We're back for 2019

Posted on January 21, 2019

We hope you had a safe and relaxing break over the Christmas period.

2018 was a big year for members in the Core, and 2019 is shaping up to be another one.

Your union strength was clear to see last year as you stood strong and told the government that they needed to do better with their offer. You encouraged your colleagues to participate in a range of workplace actions that were highlighted by the thousands of members who rallied outside 1 William St in September and in front of Parliament House in October as well as the many fantastic rallies in regional centres across Queensland.

All of this work in 2018 has laid the groundwork so we can start the new year with plenty of momentum behind us.

Today, your negotiating team is back in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission as part of conciliation for your agreement. The topic of discussion is wages. We know we have facts on our side, and the figures to prove that the state government’s current wages position delivers nothing for the lowest paid workers covered by this agreement. As always, we will keep members informed about conciliation outcomes.

Members in the Department of Education were finally made an offer in December. A member poll saw delegates rejecting the offer on the basis that it did not deliver any improvements for a large part of the Education membership and there was no movement on the wages position, however what was evident was where the strongest areas had taken action the Department was prepared to acknowledge the need to remunerate those workers better. The Child Safety, Youth & Women conciliation process is continuing, with a session on Tuesday focusing on Youth Detention matters.

Together members have been clear that they expect better from bargaining than is currently on offer.

Well done to all members for standing strong for a better agreement. In 2019 we hope to see a change in approach from the government negotiators. What we know is the most important thing is that strong and active union members ensure that you are not taken for granted and that you have real representation about the need for decent wages, secure jobs and having a say at work.

As 2019 has begun we are looking forward to a year of positive change.

Remember to have your say about the legislation governing your employment as public servants as well as part of the Bridgman Review. This feedback is due this week. The issues paper is here. Members can forward suggestions to the union office by emailing alex@together.org.au or alternatively individuals can submit input via by close of business 25 January 2019 to psareview@psareview.qld.gov.au.

Together we are a loud voice for positive change.

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