Welcome back to Term 1

Posted on January 18, 2018

Welcome back to Term 1 of 2018!

This is going to be a huge year for union members as we bargain for our next agreement. This year will determine the percentage wage increase for the next 3 years and we need to be fired up and ready to go!

In Term 1 we’ll be checking in with you all about what you want to ask for as a wage rise – are you ready to challenge the 2.5%? We think we should. If Queensland’s hardest workers (you!) don’t get a reasonable wage rise then we will all go backwards.

There will also be a lot of other issues we want to bargain about – so stay tuned for how you can have your say. Remember – it’s only union members who have a say in bargaining!

In other news – here’s a quick rundown!

ADO Agreements

Remember! You need to have your ADO Agreements in place for this January to next January. Here are the rules for your ADO Agreements generally:

In determining the ADO agreement the employer shall:

  • ensure ADO arrangements meet the needs of the School;
  • consider the health and safety of staff when requiring staff to work during vacation periods;
  • consult on the requirement to work specific hours before directing an employee to work those hours;
  • where the working of particular hours are not suitable for an employee on a given day, take into account whether other staff are available and competent to perform this work;
  • take into account the employee’s work-life balance including community commitments;
  • consider other leave that is to be taken throughout the year;
  • provide the ability to accrue sufficient ADO to cover leave during vacation periods whilst avoiding accrual of excessive leave balances; and
  • provide access to a minimum of 12 days ADO accrual in a year for employees working a 38 hour week.

You can find out more about your rights and entitlements to accrued days off in your agreement. Here is the link.

WIN! Extension of time for Schools Officers Certificate III Program

Thanks to the lobbying of your union delegates the Department confirmed late last year that the completion date for the Certificate III in Government for Schools Officers has been extended to 31 December this year! (2018)

The Leadership and Capability Team in DET head office have been great in supporting this and here are some of their messages about how to enrol if you haven’t already:

Previously, Schools Officers enrolled in and completing the Certificate III qualification were required to have completed their qualification by 30 November 2017 to be eligible to receive an upgrade from classification stream OO2 to level OO3.

The date extension will not affect eligibility back pay for those who are currently undertaking the Certificate III and allows additional time to complete their qualification. It also provides an opportunity for other Schools Officers to take advantage of this opportunity in 2018.

To assist Schools Officers who may wish to take up this opportunity in 2018, further information including an overview of the qualification and enrolment details is available on OnePortal.

Should you require any further information, please contact the Leadership and Capability team, Leadership and Capability
Organisational Transformation and Capability, Human Resources

Department of Education and Training

Ph: (07) 3055 2854
Email: LeadershipandCapability.HR@det.qld.gov.au 

Temporary to Permanent Reviews

In 2017 we have had hundreds of members made permanent which is great!

HOWEVER - we have been having significant disputation with the Department about the temporary to permanent review process. There are some important cases we need to finalise regarding issues of “you are already permanent’ where some members have only a few permanent hours and have been denied conversion for their other hours and also the view the Department has about “same or similar role”. This will be a key battleground this year and we hope to raise these issues with new Education Minister the Hon. Grace Grace early in the Term.

In the meantime if you are in a role that is temporary and you have been in that role for more than 2 years make sure you fill in the survey and we can represent you in the review process.

Feedback on Relevant Policies – “Unattach” from Role, Relinquishing Positions and Transfer at Level

At the end of last year, the Department sent out for comment their revised policies about “un-attaching” from roles, “relinquishing” positions and transfer at level. Your union industrial staff gave extensive comments on these as we have great concern regarding how DET are applying these rules, particularly to school-based staff in ‘gains and losses’ processes. If you are concerned about a process where you are being asked to relinquish your role, ‘unattach’ or transfer please get in touch on 1800 177 244 as a matter of priority.

You can see our feedback on the policies HERE.  

Agricultural Assistants Review

As committed by previous Education Minister Kate Jones we are commencing the review of Agricultural Assistants roles with the first meeting on the 25 January. To find out more or get involved contact delegate Peter Hughes or email schools@together.org.au.

Scientific Operations Officer Review

We had two meetings of the working party to review SOO roles last year and we are due to kick things off again in 2018! We are focussing on rewriting the roles to reflect their technical and professional status. To find out more or get involved contact delegates Sandra Lewis, Megan Seymour, Nikki Bradford or Wendy Shearer or email schools@together.org.au.

Therapists in DET

The final report of the working party looking at Attraction and Retention of DET Therapists was published in December 2017. We are awaiting a formal response from DET and will be raising the matter again with Minister Grace as a matter of priority. You can see the report HERE.

We hope you have a happy time welcoming the students back next week and we are looking forward to many more wins for members in 2018.

In union,

Kate, Dave and the Together in Schools Team

PS: Forward this email to a colleague who isn’t yet a member and remind them to join you as a member in 2018!

1800 177 244